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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  January 7, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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from the fast-moving storm, we check it all out with bob turk. >> reporter: this is going to be in and out of here before you know it. we have a batch of snow to the west of us. west virginia, cleveland, pittsburgh, ohio. let's take a look at the watches and advisories that will go into effect late tonight. 10:00, all of northern maryland, delaware, upper eastern shore. southern jersey, all the way out to the falls burg area. what time do we expect this snow to arrive? generally in the baltimore area, i think probably 10 to midnight. west of us, a little earlier. east of us, later. how much do we expect? one to three, generally across the entire region. less along the beaches. and more on the mountains. garrett county could see 4 to 8 inches of fresh new snow. have an updated forecast coming up shortly. mary? >> that's great for skiing. remember, wjz is always on, for
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live doppler radar, school closings or delays, log onto the other major story we're following in baltimore is the city council -- stephanie rawlings-blake is going to have her first news conference, after mayor deal sheila dixon agreed to step down. wjz has complete coverage on the transition of power at city hall, with jessica kartalija, and reaction from residents. but we begin with mike hellgren, who has more on what is next for baltimore. >> reporter: ms. rawlings blake is going to speak for four to five minutes and then take questions from reporters. now, she was the youngest person elected to city council in 1995. and then she went on to be city council president in 1997. she's had some differences with mayor dixon. but many have confidence in her abilities. she comes from a political
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family. she used to be a public defender. she became a member of the city council shortly after she was -- she got out of college. she's put a key focus on protecting people. and she told us she has met with the police commissioner and the fire chief after the mayor's resignation announcement. and again, we are just waiting for her to speak. we have a camera. i'll be on the fourth floor in the city hall, at the conference room, where she is expected to make her first public comment, since the mayor announced she was going to take the plea deal and was going to resign. by the way, the council members will vote to replace her as president when she does take over that position. some of the mayor's items that she has given up because of this include $45,000 in cash, which will go to charities. she will serve no jail time, as part of that plea agreement. but she will have to give up her office. and according to the city's charter, stephanie rawlings- blake will become mayor once that happens.
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it's something that she's got to have been thinking about over the past several weeks because this was likelihood. >> hey, mike? >> yes. >> we're actually looking at a picture of stephanie rawlings- blake, who is standing right there at the council door. looks like she's stepping up to the podium right now to start the news conference. let's listen to the next mayor, stephanie rawlings blake. [ inaudible ] good afternoon. i want to thank you all for coming today, so i can provide to you and to the citizens of baltimore an update regarding transition activities currently under way. before i begin, i will -- would like to thank all of the many city officials, staff,
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citizens, community leaders and elected officials issue not -- not just in baltimore and maryland, but throughout the country, who have expressed their sincere desire to support the city of baltimore and all of us during this very sad and challenging process. i can only tell you what i know. and that is baltimore is very strong. we are united as one city with one future. we have already begun the healing and we will -- the healing process and we will succeed. i also want to thank mayor dixon and her team for their pledge of cooperation. my prayers are with the mayor and her family but also the city as we work together to move forward. as you know, in accordance with the baltimore city charter, i will be sworn in as the 49th mayor of baltimore on february 4th. this is an awesome and
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important responsibility brought on by a very sad and unwelcome circumstances that i take very seriously. during the next 30 days and beyond, my focus will be on insuring an orderly transparent, and effective transition of power. we will at all times, make the decisions necessary to protect our citizens and to continue the delivery of essential services. this transition process has begun. yesterday, i immediately spoke directly to police commissioner bealefeld and fire chief clack to emphasize the importance of protecting and maintaining public safety during this difficult time. and that these protections must continue without interruption. last night, i also contacted and spoke to more than a dozen city, state, and federal leaders, including governor o'malley, members of the
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maryland congressional delegation, city councilmembers who i'm grateful for you being here today. county executives and state legislators. i will continue to do so in the coming hours and days. today, i have asked the administration to take steps steps to insure the preservation of all public record, including e-mails and other documents. i have also made it clear that i will be continuing my meetings with agency heads. i have asked that all pending contracts and announcements be submitted to my office for review. i have asked that all agency heads and department directors submit a short status report that includes immediate action items, budget information, legislative ideas, legislative items, excuse me, and an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, due by january 8, 2010, at 5:00 p.m. i've also asked for a summary from the law department of all
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major contracts signed within the last 90 days, due all tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. let me be clear. none of us wanted this day to come. baltimore has experienced a traggedy. -- tragedy. good people may have honest disagreements about the reason why baltimore and our people came to be in these very difficult circumstances. but there is one thing that unites us. and that is our love for baltimore. and our need to do better in the future. the mayor, her family, and our cities need our prayers. but baltimore and our people also need decisive action, as we make our way together through this difficult time. let us commit, in faith, to work together, not just in the next 30 hours or the next 30 days, but in the months to come. let us hold strong together as a city and grow stronger because it is the right thing
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to do. and indeed, the only thing to do. for baltimore and for our people. finally, i'd like to add a personal note. yesterday, when i woke up, i had no idea that by the end of the day, we would be discussing a transition of power at city hall. but i'm the very same person that i was yesterday morning. and that is a mother, a wife, an attorney, and a lifelong and proud resident of the city of baltimore. many of you know me. some of you do not. some of you may know my family. but rest assured that in the coming days, weeks and months, we will learn a lot more about each other. we will get to know each other better. i look forward to visiting with you in your neighborhoods, homes, and where you work. i also pledge to give you my
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heart and my time so that we can protect our city and deliver its public services. i also challenge you to do the same. help our city in its hour of need. be active and involved citizens. give us your thoughts and ideas. pay attention to this transition. demand the best from your elected officials. you deserve it. and i will work with you. toward that worthy goal. thank you and god bless baltimore. [ applause ] >> thank you. i have time for just a few questions. >> will you be taking care of the mayor's staff? >> those types of decisions will come later. what is important is that we have a smooth transition.
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that means anaciment. -- an assessment. as i said, i've asked agency heads to do an assessment for an orderly transition. >> have you asked the secretary of the environment to stay on? >> yes. >> and why? >> i'm impressed with chief clack's honesty, his commitment and determination to provide safety to the citizens of baltimore and to his officers. i think that he provides good counsel on the limits to which we can cut his budget, without interfering with public safety. and that is a quality that is vital in a position of leadership and public safety. and, you know, commissioner bealefeld, the numbers speak for themselves. we have made great strides. if you look at the last 10 years. last century and the first 10 years of this century, you will see a safer baltimore. a city where in many communities, when i was
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gradualitying from college, -- grawdaa -- graduating from college, i wouldn't walk in some of those neighborhoods. and now they're the highest ranking cities. now we want to work off of that momentum. >> what can you tell the business community about what they can expect from you? >> they can expect what they've gotten from me as council president. and that is an open door. i know that jobs will create a way out of this great recession. and i depend on the business community to stay committed to baltimore. and to do just what i asked for all citizens, to pay attention to this transition, to send us ideas, to work together to make a better baltimore. >> do you think the city will have a better relationship with the obama administration? >> i have started conversations toward that end. >> will you be going to annapolis next week to unveil the city agenda?
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or is that mayor dixon's responsibility? and then you'll take over? how is that going to work? >> i will not unveil the legislative package. i will be participating in, you know, opening of the session. >> how much is going to be mayor dixon's responsibility, versus yours? >> you know, it's interesting that you say that. i mean, the reason i wanted to make it very clear about the preservation of documents, e- mails, about getting to my office as soon as possible the status of things that are going on is the reality is, once she made that decision, i'm now the watchdog. and i take that very seriously. >> you get the job and become the mayor. but do you want the job? and have you always wanted the job? >> you know, it's interesting that you would, on this day, ask that question. because it's something, that i am focused on protecting public safety and essential services. i think for me to make a comment about anything other
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than that in this day, in this time, would be in poor taste, and not in the best interest of the city. we are going to get through this. but it's not going to be because in the back of my mind, i'm thinking about political ambitions. my ambition is for the city. >> when do you expect the transition to be complete? >> next week. >> given this, do you think you have what it takes to restore a vote of confidence when it comes to an elected official? >> i'm standing here with a group of solid elected officials, public servants who want the best for their constituents. i stand with them, pledged to make sure that the confidence they have given to us that we deserve. >> baltimore public schools? >> you're giving me my way out of this. because in my office, i think
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dr. alonzo is waiting. [ laughter ] we've made so much progress. i keep saying all the time, when i was in school, when i graduated from western, i knew there were people living in the county that were sometimes doing it the correct way, and sometimes not. because they knew how vital it is to get that good, quality education. his family moved. they want to continue the child education here. that means something. our enrollment is going up. our school scores are going up, test scores going up. if you take a look around our schools, whether it's the standard public schools, charter schools, transformation schools, you will feel the difference. and i intend to work from that momentum, work from those strengths to continue to provide excellent quality education, public education for baltimore's children. >> which -- when and how did
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you find out, in talking about becoming mayor and talking about transition, when did you find out that you would become mayor on february 4th? >> i found out by telephone from a staff -- a person on my staff. very shortly before the news started to come over, you know, the ap. and i think it was mark mark steiner. i think he was the first one. all righty? i cannot thank you enough for being here. and i again encourage you to work with us to succeed. in getting passed this difficult time to reach the full possibility. thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> and there it is. the beginning of the transition to power at city hall, stephanie rawlings-blake, talking about the transition, with very strong and measured words today. but she did show some heart there, saying her heart belongs to the city of baltimore, for
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the first time, i think we saw some real -- a motive speech from stephanie rawlings-blake. >> we did. she has been very guarded about this whole process because she like the rest of us didn't know how it would play out. she expressed concern for mayor dixon and asked for prayer for mayor dixon. but also stressed the need to move forward. >> stay with us.
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today, we gather to recognize the selfless decision of one of the most influential women of our time. the woman who, after having one too many drinks, chose not to drive home buzzed. here today to honor rachel is the family whose lives she spared.
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let's check on the roads now with sharon gibala. >> well, we have do have nearby issues, including an electrical undergroundfire. that is in the city. hazmat crews on the scene there. meanwhile, watch for an accident on the scene. it's in the cleaning changes. you're looking at a backup to pulaski highway. this is going to be 295. one in upper co. aviation road. and one in fallston on mountain road. two accidents in the city, west
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franklin. that involves an mta bus. you're also looking at one at west northern parkway, at rowland avenue. slowest spot right now, the west side, northwest side, between 795. there's a look at 95. that is where that accident used to be on 95. traffic gets moving, once you get to that point. there's a look at the west side. jamming up there. had traffic report was brought to you january 19th. and three personal training sessions for the entire month. for your health, put your health in the best hands for january. back over to you. >> all right, sharon. thank you. and still to come. air force ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's take a look at radar. late tonight. maybe 10:00, 11:00, midnight. it's a quick mover. not a huge storm. but it's going to cause problems. friday morning, dry. what time and how much we expect. that's probably what most people want to know. late tonight, we expect probably a general 1 to 3
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inches of snow across the region. we'll see that shortly out of the west. garrett county could see as much as 6 to 8, with more snow showers. most of the region, an inch to maybe an inch and a half, south and east of us. along the beaches, under an inch expected. along the pa border, that's where we will expect to see two to three inches north of the city. we're looking for light accumulation. but because of the timing and the morning, traffic is going to be impacted tomorrow morning on your friday morning drive. take a look at temperatures around the region. 35 above freezing. but it's only 17. it's cold. and it will all be snow. no change, no sleet, nothing like that. west winds at 9. barometer holding steady. on this date now, 35 here. 38 at ocean city. it's warmer down by the ocean today. the cold spots out to the west. 19 over and 30 in cumberland. no lowto mid-30s. it's been great all day long.
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but later tonight other we'll get back into the mid- to upper 20s. we're looking for just plain snow. periods of show. mostly steady, all night long. it it will probably be over about 8:00, 9:00 in the morning. by afternoon, winds go back to the northwest. they pick up. sun comes out. right now, not all that strong. we have a wind weather advisory. here in the southern portions of virginia. all of northern maryland. south of the city, aa county, south, p.g. county, no advisory in effect. we probably will change that later. but for the time being. here comes the snow band. did see pretty good amounts. 3 to 5 by the kansas city area. it is beginning to weaken. and some of the energy is heading to the north. we'll continue to watch the precip move in our region. eventually, it's going to clear out quickly. because the low is moving behind it fast. windy and colder conditions. weekend is going to be sunny but cold.
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small craft advisory tomorrow. winds gusting to 25 maybe 30 knots on the bay. the bay temps still stuck around 38 degrees. tonight, clouds building. late tonight. maybe around 11:00, 12:00, 28 below. the snow picks up. on or off tonight. few snow showers early in the morning. high of freezing 32 degrees. in the shade, it will stay around for a few days. and if you're here this weekend, drive safely tomorrow morning. >> i'm going to be glued to my tv tomorrow morning. see what happens with school. >> all right. still ahead on wjz tonight. airport security. in a matter of minutes, president obama will address the nation, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,
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hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. vic is off today. here's what people are talking
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about. security turns. tonight, the white house is ready to provide the most apparent look yet at what went wrong when a suspected terrorist tried to blow up a plane. you are looking at the white house now, where the president is about to address the nation. joel brown reports for wjz, on the new policies aimed at making the skies safer. >> reporter: people will feel, quote, shock, when they read a preliminary report on security mistakes by the government. the president's national security adviser says multiple errors allowed a terror suspect to attempt to blow up a plane over detroit on christmas day. >> there was that out there. there was a number of things that could have prevented this individual from getting on. >> reporter: as 23-year-old umar farouq abdulmutallab was in the air, flying over the air. officials placed him for shall additional screening. he was not on a no-fly list, even after his father warned
4:31 pm
american officials that his son might be associating with extremists. president obama is expected to press for more intelligence analysts and end restrictions on information sharing between agencies. but the president is not expecting to call for anyone to be fired. at least not yet. >> the white house is anxious to see the president taking charge. critics argue that the administration was too slow for the botched bombing. >> everyone had connected the dots, that there was a breakdown in communication here. >> reporter: and since his arrest, authorities in yemen say that high may have met with the same radical cleric who exchanged e-mails with the accused killer. wjz will carry president obama's address, as soon as he
4:32 pm
begins. all right. we're going to go now and check with bob to see when this snow is coming. bob? >> a lot of talk. that's for sure. take a look at radar. we have a batch of snow headed our way. charleston getting snow. it's all headed in our direction. probably after 11:00. most places start seeing some flakes. most of the region, except south of baltimore and south and west of washington, under a winter weather advisory, through tomorrow mong. -- morning. what time do you expect this to start? generally in the central portions of maryland, between 9:00 and midnight. as you head east a little later. probably around 11:00 or 12:00 here in the baltimore region. how much do we expect out of this little storm? one to three inches in many, many places. maybe an inch, inch and a half in the city. maybe 3 up around hereford and jarrettsville. 3 to 6, maybe as much as 8 in garrett county. along the beaches, maybe half an inch to inch possible along
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the lower eastern shore. it all starts late tonight. we'll have updated forecasts. look at radar. well, the nation is being blanketed by snow. dave price reports for wjz, there's a storm moving our way that bob turk just touched on. >> reporter: south dakota authorities shut down nearly 300 miles of interstate 90, east of rapid city, because of blowing snow and whiteout conditions. in missouri, the shovels are out yet again. until the latest round ofibility wint -- of winter weather is expected to bring in an additional 2 to 5 inches of snow. des moines iowa says the city will use $3 million of what is left of its annual snow removal unit, with this weekend's storm. as much as half a foot of snow is expected. and that's on top of 28 inches that fell last month alone. in the rockies, denver residents were struggling with temperatures in the single digits, along with snow and slush that are likely to make this morning's commute a messy one.
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sphash south -- as far south as beaumont, texas, the salvation army opened a warming station for the homeless. at least six people have died from the cold weather this weekend. including a homeless man in south carolina, who was found dead in a tent. freezing temperatures are also getting in the way of first responders. in indianapolis, firefighters were delayed as they scrambled to find hydrants that weren't open. >> it's very, very frustrating for the firefighters because they were trying to get the hose from paint a to point b. and we invite you to stay with first warning weather for complete coverage. remember, wjz is always on. if you want live doppler radar, school closing delays any time. let's go to the president now in washington, speaking. i ordered, after the failed christmas terror attacks is complete. i was just briefed on the findings for reform. and i think it's important that the american people understand the new steps we're taking to prevent attacks and keep our country safe.
4:35 pm
this afternoon, my counterterrorism adviser john brenon will discuss how our government failed to connect the dots in a way that would have prevented a known terrorist from boarding a plane for america. and the steps we're going to take to prevent that from happening again. secretary of homeland security janet napolitano will discuss her review of aviation screening, technology, and how that bomber boarded a plane with 300 people. so today, i want to briefly summarize the discussions. in an ever-changing world, the first line of defense is timely, accurate intelligence, that is shared, integrated, analyzed, and acted upon quickly and effectively.
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that's what the intelligence reform largely after the 9/11 attacks do. and what they do every day. but rnt fortunate-- unfortunately, that's not what happened. first, although our intelligence community had learned a great deal about the al qaeda affiliate in gemmen, called al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, that we knew that they sought to strike the united states, and that they were recruiting operatives to do so, the intelligence community did not aggressively follow up on and prioritize particular streams of intelligence, related to a possible attack against the homeland. second, this contributed to a larger failure of analysis. a failure to connect the dots of intelligence that existed across our intelligence community and which, together, could have revealed that abdulmutallab was planning an attack.
4:37 pm
third, this, in turn, fed into shortcomings in the watch community, which resulted in this person being placed on the no-fly list, thieb -- thereby allowing him to board the plane in amsterdam. in summary, the u.s. government had the information, scattered throughout the system, to potentially uncover this plot and disrupt the attacks. rather than a failure to collect or share intelligence, this was a failure to connect and understand the intelligence that we already have. and that's why we took swift action in the immediate days following christmas, including reviewing and updating the terrorist watch list system, and adding more individuals to the no-fly list. and directing our embassies and consulates to include current visa information in their warnings with warnings with terrorists or individuals with suspected terrorist ties. today, i'm warning across
4:38 pm
multiple agencies. broadly speaking, they fall into four areas. first, i'm directing that our intelligence community immediately begin assigning specific responsibility for investigating all high-priority threats so these are acted on aggressively, not just most of the time, but all of the time. we must follow the leads that we get. and we must pursue them until plots are disrupted. and that means assigning clear lines of responsibility. second, i'm directing that intelligence report, especially those involving potential threats to the united states, be distributed more rapidly and more widely. we can't sit on information that could protect the american people. third, i'm directing that we strengthen the analytical process. power analysis -- how our analysts process and integrate the intelligence that they receive. my director of national intelligence, steny blair, will
4:39 pm
improve on this. my adviser will cyst through vast universes of intelligence and data in our information age. and finally, i'm ordering an immediate effort to strengthen the criteria, used to add individuals to our terrorist watch list, especially the no-fly list. we must do better in keeping dangerous people off airplanes while still facilitating air travel. when taken together, these efforts will improve the intelligence community's ability to share, collect, an light liez, and act -- analyze, and act on intelligence swiftly and shortly. in short, it will help our intelligence do their job better and protect american lives. but even the best intelligence can't identify in advance every individual who would do us harm. so we need the security at our airports, ports, and borders, and through our partnerships with other nations to prevent terrorists from entering
4:40 pm
america. at the amsterdam airport, abdulmutallab was subjected to the same screaming as other passengers. he was required to show his documents, including a valid u.s. visa. his carry-on bag was x-rayed. he passed through a metal detector. but a metal detector can't detect the kind of explosives that were sewn into his clothes. as secretary napolitano will explain, the screening technology are used at the airport, but not at the of specific checkpoints that he passed through. indeed, at most airports in the united states and the world do not have these technologies. there is no silver bullet into securing the thousands of flights into america each day, domestic and international. it will require specific investments in each area. and that's why we increased investments in homeland security and aviation security. this means an additional $1
4:41 pm
billion in new systems that we need to protect our airports. more bag knowledge screening, -- baggage screening, more passenger screening and more advanced screening. these are major investments. and they'll make our skies safer and more secure. now, as i announced this week, we've taken a whole range of steps to improve aviation screening and security since christmas. including new rules for how he handle visas within the government and enhanced screening flying to or from. in addition, i'm ordering that they tang additional steps, including strengthening our international partnerships to improve aviation screening around the world, greater use of the advanced explosive detection systems that we have, including technology, and working with department of energy and national labs to develop and deploy the next generation of screening
4:42 pm
technologies. now, there is, of course, no foolproof solution. as we develop new screening technologies and procedures, our adversariy -- adver sears will seek new ways to evade them. as was shown in the christmas attack. we have to stay one step ahead of a nimble adversary. that's what these steps are designed to do. and we will continue to work with congress to ensure that our intelligence, homeland security, and law enforcement communities have the resources they need to keep the american people safe. i ordered these two immediate reviews so that we could take immediate action to secure our country. but in the weeks and months ahead, we will continue a sustained and intensive effort of analysis and assessment that we leave no stone unturned in seeking better ways to protect the american people. i have repeatedly made it clear, in public, with the american people, and in private, with my national security team, that i will hold my staff, our agencies, and the
4:43 pm
people in them, accountable when they fail to perform the responsibility at the highest levels. now, this stage in the review process tappears that this incident was not the fault of a single individual or organization about rather a systemic failure across organizations and agencies. that's why in addition to the corrective efforts that i've ordered, i've directed agency heads to establish internal accountability reviews and directed my national security staff to monitor their efforts. we will measure progress. and brennan will report back to me within 30 days and on a regular basis after that. all of these agencies and their leaders are responsibility for implementing these reforms. and all will be held accountable if they don't. moreover, i am less interested in passing out blame than i am in learning from and correcting these mistakes to make us
4:44 pm
safer. for ultimately, the buck stops with me. as president, i have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and our people. and when the system fails, it is my responsibility. over the past two weeks, we have been reminded again of the challenge we face in protecting our country, against a foe that is bent on our destruction. and while passions and politics can often obscure the hard work before us, let's be clear about what this moment demands. we are at war. we are at war against al qaeda. a far-reaching effort that attacked us on 9/11, that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people and that is plotting to strike us again. and we will do whatever it takes to defeat them. and we've made progress. al qaeda's leadership is hunkered down. we have worked closely with partners, including yemen, to inflict major blows against al qaeda leaders. and we have disrupted plots at home and abroad to save american lives. and we know that the vast majority of muslims reject al qaeda.
4:45 pm
but it is clear that al qaeda increasingly seeks to recruit individuals without known terrorist affiliations, not just in the middle east, but in africa and other places to do their bidding. that's why i've directed my national security team to develop a strategy that addresses the unique challenges posed by lone recruits. and that's why we must communicate clearly to muslims around the world that al qaeda offers nothing except a bankrupt vision of murder and death. while the united states stands with those who seek justice and progress, to advance that progress, we've sought new beginnings, with muslim communities around the world. one in which we engage on the basis of mutual interest and mutual respect. and work together to fulfill the aspects that all people shift to get an education, to work with dignity, to live in peace and security. that's what america believes in. that's the vision that is far more powferlg than the hatred
4:46 pm
of these violent extremists. here at home, we will strengthen our defenses. but we will not succumb to a siege mentality that sacrifices the liberties and values that we cherish as americans. because great and proud nations don't hunker down and hide behind walls of suspicion and mistrust. that is exactly what our adversaries want. and so long as i am president, we will never hand them that victory. we will define the character of our country, not some small band of men intent on disrupting men, women and children. and every one of the elected officials can do our part. let's move forward with the confidence and optimism that defines us as a people. now is not a time for partisan shop. it's time for citizenship, with a purpose together. that's what it means to be strong in the face of violent extremists. that's how we will prevail in
4:47 pm
this fight. and that's how we will protect our country, and pass it, safer and stronger, to the next generation. thanks very much. >> and you have been listening to president obama address the nation from the white house about the issue of airline security, following an attempted terrorist attack on christmas day. we invite you to stay with us, straight ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00, it's all clear for now. but some snow is headed this way. details ahead in your first one night i said to my husband, come on, we're going to a steakhouse yes, i wear dentures super poligrip seals the denture to your gum and it prevents food from penetrating it was very very comfortable fitting (charlie dullea) super poligrip helps keep out food particles. just a few dabs create a seal that helps keep food particles from getting between dentures and gums to make them more comfortable while you eat. super poligrip lets me be me we've been going to steakhouses ever since (charlie dullea) try super poligrip
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we have bricking news -- breaking news in baltimore 73, where bge crews are at the scene of an underground blast. captain mike perry, what can you tell us? >> hello, denise. i don't know so much about the blast. there were reports of a possible underground fire. this is on westbound franklin street between charles and cathedral. initial reports was smoke coming from a manhole cover. you see bge truck right there in the lower left part of the frame. and those are bge officials working with fire officials. apparently there was smoke coming out of one of the manhole covers in the street. firefighters arrived on the scene. the smoke dissipated. bge is on the scene. but they do have west franklin
4:51 pm
street closed between charles and cathedral. and it has caused major traffic. thank you, captain mike perry, live over sky eye chopper 13. we'll be right back. and bob turk will have that forecast right after this ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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probably around 11:00 or midnight, it's moving in. you see it. ohio, cincinnati. how much do we expect? cross across most of the region. a general 1 to 3 inches. heaviest amounts, i think, would be up around the mason- dixon line. lesser amounts southeast of the city. eight up in the garrett county area out to the west. take a look at temperatures around the region now. cool spot, oakland. 19. 36. easton, 38. ocean city, we're now at 35. and 38, the warm spot by the water in annapolis. west winds continue to be a minor factor dying down. although late tonight and tomorrow, they'll pick up again.
4:55 pm
tomorrow afternoon will get quite blustery. because this low is moving through the region. there you see it. headed for our area for late tonight. and snows should be over probably about 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. behind it, as this low moves off the coast, winds move back off the coast. it gets windy. and temperatures drop once again. so the weekend is going to be brisk, sunny but cold. there's the low, moves across the region. windy and cold afternoon. andcolder temps overnight. saturday and sunday. dry, temperatures generally upper 20s to maybe 32 degrees. small craft advisory on the bay tomorrow. gusts as high as 25 or 30 by late in the day. tonight, clouds building up late tonight. probably around midnight, we start seeing some snow. date by morning. 1 to 2 inches by dawn. another inch to half inch by morning. winds clear things out. tomorrow's high, only 32 degrees. watch that driving warning. definitely going to be impact by this quick-moving storm. >> thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness
4:56 pm
news tonight. transition of power. i'm mike hellgren, at city hall. city council president, stephanie rawlings-blake prepares to take the ,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
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coming up next on eyewitness news at 5:00. shift in power. complete coverage of stephanie rawlings-blake's first message to the city. tightening security. the president just wrapped up remarks about the christmas day terror scare and how it could have been prevented. we are at one of countless ravens rallies. and this is called pound the patriots which is exactly what we're going to do. i'm weijia jiang in baltimore.
4:59 pm
more on the purple fever next on wjz. and have you heard? snow is moving in. wjz weather team is tracking when it will arrive and how much we'll get. check in for these and all the day's breaking news. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. i'm kai jackson. and ooze? and -- >> and i'm mary but bal a. show -- bubala. snow is falling right now. but in chicago, it has created a winter storm system over there. but that is headed our way. local crews say they are prepared. earlier today, salt trucks were loaded up for the storm that could create a bit of a


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